You might know that you can power up Streamtime with other apps via Zapier but did you know you can navigate around the tool in no time?

If you are looking to save time and become a Streamtime pro, grab a post-it or take a screengrab and read on.

The oh-so-popular keyboard shortcuts

There are a few keyboard shortcuts in Streamtime that can help you quickly navigate between different areas of the product.

These include the ability to create a new job or ToDo and jump to different areas of Streamtime, all without having to leave your keyboard.

New job or ToDo

  1. Press 'n' from the Jobs list to create a new job

  2. Press 'n' in the ToDo screen to create a new ToDo

Jump around Streamtime

Just press 'G' on your keyboard, followed by the second character to quickly navigate from one screen to another. Give it a go!

  • G C = Jump to Contacts

  • G T = Jump to ToDo (and pour yourself a gin while you're at it!)

  • G J = Jump to Jobs

  • G S = Jump to Schedule

  • G P = Jump to Priorities

  • G A = See Team Availability

Navigation Shortcuts

1. Get from your ToDo page to a related job in one click

I often have a task appear in my ToDo sidebar that I want some background info on. Instead of memorising the detail and navigating through the app, clicking on the ‘[job number] job name’ in the ToDo card will take me straight to the job. The back button from there will take me right back to the ToDo page – huge time saver

Jump from your ToDo to a specific job

2. See all tasks on a job via the Schedule (in one click)

This is particularly helpful during the planning stage of a job. Once the job items (including Start and End dates) have been added, it’s easy to then see them more visually via the job schedule page. Simply click on the ‘View Schedule’ link on one of the job items.

See items visually on the Jobs Schedule by clicking View Schedule

3. Jump to a specific job from the schedule view

Let’s reverse point 2 above. Picture this, you’ve just gone ahead and created a new job in the Jobs Schedule, added some items and assigned some team members. Now, you want to take a closer look at the job and its items in detail.

Easy. Click on the three dots to the right of the job name, then select the 'go to job' option that appears.

Jump back into a job right from the Jobs Schedule

4. Jump from the schedule over to a team member’s ToDo screen

Handy for schedulers. Assigning time via the ToDo Schedule for your team is fast and easy. You can then jump directly to a particular team member’s ToDo page to see how their week is panning out. Just hover over the team member’s name on the ToDo Schedule and click the jump icon that appears.

Jump to a team member’s ToDo page from the ToDo Schedule

5. Expand all tasks on a job with a single click

Pretty self-explanatory, but no less useful! A job with multiple items, each having a description, sub-items and team members assigned would be cumbersome to expand. Well, hold down ‘alt’ or 'option' (depending on your keyboard) whilst clicking the down arrow on an item to unfold all details for all items on the job with a single click.

Long list of items can be expanded easily

6. Duplicate a ToDo on your ToDo page

Another one I use a lot. On your ToDo screen, often I’ll want to split a task across two days, or maybe I need some extra time. The ‘alt’ key helps again here. Whilst holding it down, click and drag the ToDo you wish to duplicate, and you’ll see a ‘+’ symbol appear. Drop the duplicated ToDo anywhere you like and resize if needed.

Alt + click and drag a ToDo to duplicate it

7. Schedule a task for a user & estimate time in one fell swoop

Another one for all the schedulers out there. This one’s a biggy.

Assigning blocks of time to your team is easy-peasy in the ToDo Schedule. Not so easy to explain in writing, but what you want to do is click and drag across the grid to create a task spanning multiple days. Now, before releasing the click, move the mouse upwards. You should see the number of hours assigned each day change. Easy once you know how.

Assign a specific amount of hours across multiple days

8. And let's not forget our supercharged:

  • ‘Command’ + click in ToDo page to select multiple tasks and action them

  • ToDo right-click menu, allowing you to re-assign or duplicate a ToDo, jump to a job and more

  • New filtering on the ToDo Schedule & team specific functionality

Multi-select, right-click menu for ToDo and Schedule ToDo pages

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