Setting the platform for our next release which is a major update to all things scheduling, this release tidies up a few niggles across the app.

Worthy of a special mention πŸ†

  • Support for US Letterhead paper size is now available πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‘

Fixes/Improvements πŸ› 

  • No more forced page break before the terms and conditions on invoice/quote/PO - we've improved the behaviour of the T&C formatting to avoid those large blocks of unnecessary white space. IF the amount of space left below your line items is enough to fit your terms and conditions, they will be displayed. If not, they will break to the next page as is current behaviour.

  • Contact import improvements - imports were returning an error code previously but successfully importing the records. The error was actually related to the creation of the error log (caused when special characters existed in the data).

  • iOS app update - Phase names now visible on ToDo's, 2FA authentication, job sync pulling data into the app more frequently.

  • iOS app update - 2FA now available.

  • Exporting to csv in the jobs list (only at this stage) will now ask to export all columns or only those visible in your report.

  • People Contact import now blocks duplicate entries to avoid large numbers of duplicates after an import.

  • Currency conversions when using custom exchange rates were not displaying correctly in the list views and on the job (information sent to the client was correct).

  • Display issue - the tooltip when viewing quotes within the job page was displaying the wrong currency and symbol.

  • Display issue where numbers were sometimes overlapping in the job header.

  • Display issue where chevrons within a jon header were misaligned.

  • Display issue - Time and Expenses date picker positioning now fully visibile.

  • Hours tracked directly on a job (not on an item) were incorrectly using the staff members sell rate instead of the relevant rate card.

  • Updated Xero library to return the error when the reference field on an invoice exceeded the character limit and was rejected by Xero.

  • Improved terminology within the job timeline export to avoid confusion around invoice status'.

  • Adding a line item with a markup % to a PO now applies that markup to the PO (a second line item on the PO will void this as the markup is applied to the PO as a whole).

  • Searching for job name using the 'is not' filter was returning additional jobs in the job list.

  • Completing a Job Item with a large number of team members assigned, each with a large number of incomplete ToDo's now successfully closes.

  • If the invoice reference field is active, it will remain enabled on all new invoices created.

  • Order of line items are now retained when duplicating a Purchase Order.

  • Notes are also retained when duplicating Purchase Order.

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