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  • You can now report on the different status of invoices for more accurate reporting.

This has been a bug-bear of mine for a while now. As soon as you created an invoice it's set as 'invoiced' whether it's in draft or had been sent, or paid. We wanted to add more granularity so you could separate different invoices out and perhaps only report on 'issued' invoices as that's money you know is coming in.
(As long as those pesky clients pay on time!)

So, here's the breakdown of what's changed.

In your columns in the jobs report, you can choose to 'turn on' any of the below.

All Invoices (previously 'Invoiced')

This is the total amount (excluding tax) of all invoices on the job

Draft Invoices (New)

This is the total amount (excluding tax) of all draft invoices on the job. So they haven't been sent, awaiting payment or been paid.

Awaiting Payment Invoices (New)

This one does what it says on the tin, All invoices (excluding tax) currently awaiting payment in the system / your accounting integration.

Another easy one. All paid invoices (excluding tax). Getting good at this naming lark aren't we?!

Issued Invoices (New)

This one's a little more complicated. Only slightly, but very useful for reporting.

This is the sum of all invoices that have been sent to your client (excluding tax). It's calculated by adding 'Awaiting Payment' and 'Paid' together.

There we go... not too difficult, but a whole lot better. I

You can also use these new statuses as filters in your reports as well πŸ™Œ

🚨NOTE: If you're downloading CSV's these are also updated. So, if you do have an excel template please be sure to refine it based on these new column headings.

Updated on the job page

We also made a tweak to the job page to reflect these changes.

We're treating Invoices in the same manner as Quotes. You'll see what invoices have been created based on their status. Rollover and you can see the value of each one. Click and you're taken to the invoice list as before.

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