Major 🏆🏆

  • Branches allow you to create multiple identities within your one Streamtime App. Use them to manage different branding, locations or terms and conditions across different quotes and invoices within Streamtime.
  • Navigate to the 'Your Company' page to get creating.
  • Once multiple branches are setup, a branch selection is available on job creation.
  • Branches are not included on all subscriptions - please reach out if you cannot currently create them.

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • ToDo's that have appeared on a Time and Expenses invoice are now locked and cannot be edited.
  • Cost column within the expense list view now displays a total at the bottom.
  • Mentions from within a post now trigger notifications to the team member that will direct them back to the post itself.
  • Checklist items are now visible when when adding a To Do from Schedule Jobs view.
  • New supplier details are now saved on the first attempt when added directly to a PO.
  • 'Null' is no longer appearing as an expense status.
  • Status column is no longer appearing twice.
  • Team availability within the Schedule Jobs view now matches the To Do and To Do schedule availability (showing personal To Do's).
  • Invoice list export now includes labels.
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