Polish / Improvements🏆🏆

Job Page Performance Improvements

  • Our engineering team revisited our job page and squeezed out every possible performance improvement they could.

  • The result - a 50% improvement on load time for individual jobs 🎉 🚤

Invoicing wizard improvements - Time & Expenses

  • Following on from our last product update that improved time and expenses invoicing by adding a wizard similar to those seen when invoicing by quote or job plan.

  • Deleting invoices built from the Time & Expenses wizard will now be reflected in the 'Invoiced' figures against each Time entry.

Fixes/Improvements (the best bits) 🛠

  • Job label audit trail improvements & editing job labels that have different case sensitivity now works as expected.

  • Job item master list wasn't allowing rate card cells to be blank - it now does again.

  • Date approved column is no longer missing from quote export csv.

  • Job Items - typing the full item from the master list and tabbing out of the field now links up to the master item and displays the description.

  • Paid QuickBooks Invoices can be downloaded again within Streamtime.

  • Timeline summary now displays phases - which helps understand the order the items are listed.

  • Adding a job card to a Priorities board now correctly pulls through any labels applied to the job.

  • Renaming 'Discount' in the quote side bar is once again possible.

  • Changing the order of checklists now updates any existing ToDo's.

  • Editing report dates no longer defaults back to the year 2016 in some instances.

  • Polish around editing favourite report names.

  • Entering decimals above .50 now allows the figures to be completely entered before rounding.

  • Deleted jobs are no long appearing in some time reports.

  • Physical address can now be changed if its not the same as the contacts postal address.

  • Searching for a dept or team member in Schedule > ToDo now handles either case sensitivity.

  • Logo in PO layouts can now be moved to the top right - Zoolander would be proud.

  • Dashboard info pulled into line - now displays correct quote/budget figures.

  • Client name is now displayed on hover of the scheduled task in Schedule > To Do.

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