Watch Streamtime's MD Andy and Michael from our product team run through our latest release in this short video.

Major 🏆🏆

Availability Reporting

  • Now you can see who is available next week, next month or in a few months time!

  • Using the 'g a' shortcut from anywhere in the app or the 'View Availability' via the Schedule ToDo will display an overlay with your teams availability.

  • The report breaks down a users work hours, scheduled hours and used hours to determine available hours by week or month.

Invoicing wizard improvements - Time & Expenses

  • We've improved time and expenses invoicing by adding a wizard similar to those seen when invoicing by quote or job plan.

  • The wizard allows you to display time and expenses by item name, team member, date or phase for the entire job or a specific date range and then simply select the entries you want to appear on the invoice. Easy Peasy.

Share Reports with your Team

  • Spent hours tweaking that report so it gives you the exact insights you are after? Great! Now you can choose to share it with your team so everyone knows where things stand (taking permissions into account of course).

  • We've also gifted everyone a couple more of our favourite templates in the new 'From Streamtime' section. 🎅🎁

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • In some instances when multiple values where entered into the system quickly, they would revert to the previous value instantly. This is now resolved.

  • Only while editing an invoice, the invoice total would display a different figure. Exiting edit mode (clicking out of the field you are editing on the invoice) the correct value would display. We updated this.

  • Expense figures now remain exactly as entered when saving on chrome.

  • It wasn't possible to edit the date of an existing expense on Safari. The pop-up calendar flashed and disappeared. No longer a problem.

  • Unable to quick search Expenses list by PO number - sorted.

  • Time not logged under a phase wasn't displayed in the JOBS > TIME report. It now works in the same way as time not logged under an item.

  • QuickBooks error when exporting invoices with headings present - fixed.

  • In specific circumstance a voided invoice total was still displaying in the invoice wizard. This is now resolved.

  • The PO number on a job will now copy across to the reference field in Xero. If the invoice in Streamtime has both a PO number and a reference number entered, the reference number is what will appear in the reference field in Xero.

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