Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • Invoice introduction is now copied across to Xero.

  • ToDo Schedule will now match the ToDo view exactly. There was an issue where paused items with time logged against them were displaying in the Schedule (Paused items should not).

  • Improved consistency of which items appear in the Edit ToDo modal. 'My Items' now show consistently.

  • Editing a label via the master label manager by only adjusting the caps of a letter was not saving the label correctly eg. changing label to Label.

  • ToDo right click menu no longer displays off the bottom of the screen.

  • Moving your Streamtime subscription between two specific plans no longer disconnects Xero.

  • Viewing a teammates ToDo was not displaying all required information for users with 'View only' schedule permission.

  • Spellcheck review on all fields to improve consistency of when the browser spellcheck appears.

  • The option to move the subscriber permission to a different user was visible to all users - not just the current subscriber. This is not resolved.

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