Major 🏆🏆

Priorities (Kanban) Updates

More additions to our kanban view - it's come a long way since it's creation in our inaugural hackathon. Here's the latest:

  • Re-arrange columns 😱 ✅

  • Create a 'Note Card' - a text field allowing you to add...a note ✅

  • Create a Checklist - Note cards allow for checklist items to be included ✅

  • 'Created by' & 'last modified' information now displayed for each board ✅

  • It's now possible to duplicate an existing Priority board ✅

We've made some improvements that have yielded a 25% faster load time of the jobs page 🎉 More tasks are earmarked in our ongoing focus to maintain/improve performance on data heavy pages like the jobs page where there are a large number of job items.

Slightly Less Major 🏆

Phase name visibility extended to 3 additional areas (these were the top 3 - more in backlog):

  • A ToDo on the ToDo page (via visibility preferences)

  • ToDo Sidebar (again, managed by visibility preferences)

  • Schedule ToDo

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • Invoice due date was skipping a month in a very specific circumstance. We caught it, and it now doesn't 👌

  • Editing a quote, PO or invoice line item name will now maintain the account code associated to the related master item list item.

  • Deleted jobs were still visible via Priorities - no longer 🙌

  • Priorities boards now update with any job name or label changes without needing a refresh.

  • Exporting Timeline summary was cutting off text of milestones with long descriptions. Fixed 🙌

  • QuickBooks authentication errors post OAuth2 changes. This was a tricky one that we finally cracked! Sorry for the disruption, QuickBooks users 🙏

  • Quote introduction is now copied across during duplication...

  • Contacts are now correctly populated during the duplication of a job.

  • ToDo Sidebar now automatically refreshes after multiple items are completed in succession.

  • Delivery date now exporting to Xero on PO’s.

  • Clicking trash can on a sub item on the jobs page now deletes the sub item as expected.

  • Changing reference on a PO was returning an error if a the PO had a label attached. Not any more...

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