Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • ToDo schedule now automatically splits tasks that cover a non working day. Behaviour is now consistent with Schedule Jobs view.

  • The order of items when printing the timeline was not matching the order visible in Streamtime. Now they do :)

  • For all the 'multi tabbers' out there, each Streamtime web browser tab will now display the area of the product visible. Updated from 'Streamtime'.

  • Contact csv is now downloadable again - apologies.

  • Additional error reporting for MYOB exceptions.

  • Jobs now display planned and projected profit margin % figures. This is a beta release.

  • When creating a new item on a job, the page did not always resize to show the new job item. This is now resolved.

  • The help menu questions on the jobs page were sending the drone off screen - not overly helpful! Now resolved.

  • Timeline visibility improvements - certain circumstances were cutting off some information.

  • Timeline - performance enhancements. Reduced the amount of data that would be loaded more than once.

  • Issue relating to cost rates of time entries that had been deleted. This was a very edge case that is now resolved.

  • Creating a ToDo from the iOS app when viewing a colleagues ToDo page was assigning the ToDo to the wrong user. Another edge case, but one we picked up and resolved both for historical tasks created and moving forward.

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