Major 🏆🏆

Job Timeline

Within a job, it is now possible to select the timeline option to see a gantt chart/timeline view of the items on your job. See and add milestones, multiple zoom levels, move tasks to affect the start/end dates and print to PDF showing a task summary and the timeline.

Priorities (Kanban) Home Page

This release includes the first stage of a number of updates to our Priorities page. The new home page allows you to create multiple boards and view everyone else's boards in your organisation. Boards can now be renamed, deleted and include a refresh on the card designs within a board.

This update paves the way for work planned in the coming weeks allowing columns to be re-ordered within boards, additional permissions, shareable boards, template boards, links to attachments, additional card types and much more. These updates will allow teams the ability to manage jobs, tasks etc via a kanban board.

Slightly Less Major 🏆

  • We've added the ability to report and group by 'Phase Name' 🎉

  • OAuth 2.0 support for QuickBooks (Xero to come) 

  • Job page and job list view now includes a breakdown of total hours Used/Planned per person.

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • Alignment/overlapping issues within invoicing wizard page triggered when multiple invoices are displayed is now resolved.

  • ToDo sidebar search wasn't clearing when switching to a different user - now resolved.

  • Downloading pdf's using custom names, eg. Estimate rather than quote will save the pdf using the updated name.

  • Invoices with commas (') in the name will now export correctly.

  • API Improvements.

  • Notes weren't being saved when adding them from the schedule view (they now correctly show as 'schedulers notes' on the task via the ToDo page).

  • Job item turnkey now automatically saves any information still in edit mode on that item.

  • Mark all items as complete now displays the 'are you sure' modal.

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