Exciting news: we've got a few big updates coming out this morning. Here's a rundown of what's new in your Streamtime today.

Major 🏆🏆

Filter the To Do Schedule by teams

When you've got a ton of team members to schedule, we know it's hard to filter and see exactly who's doing what, and when. Team tags, set in Your Team, allow you to group your team members by discipline, department, office, or however you want. You can add multiple tags to the one team member.

Once team tags are set on your users, you can filter the To Do Schedule with those tags. Typing to search will surface a team, but also anyone who has that team tag. You can still filter by individual user or a combination of both.

Group your Items into Phases

Jobs with many items on them can get unwieldy. That's why we've introduced Phases. Phases will tally up hours and dollars of the items within them. You can now add a Phase in between your items to group them. Hover between items and click to add.

New views on your burnup chart

Not everyone tracks their jobs by hours, so we've added two new views to your burnup chart. You can now tracked Used $ vs Planned $, or Used Cost vs Planned $.

Headings on quotes and invoices

You can now add headings to quotes and invoices. Headings do what they say on the tin: they help break up long quotes and invoices in order to be more easily read. Phases and Expenses/POs will come through automatically as headings, and you can add your own by hovering the plus on the bottom and clicking 'Add Heading'.

Slightly Less Major 🏆

More improvements to invoicing

We've released lots of smaller improvements to invoicing, which you'll see scattered through the product.

Viewed status on invoices
You can now find out when your invoices have been viewed through the Jobs List > Invoices. You can turn on a Viewed column or filter by Viewed status.

Invoice introduction field
Just like quotes, you can now add an introduction to your invoice should you need to add a note.

Invoice labels
Finally, you're able to label invoices and filter them in the list like jobs, quotes and expenses.

Updated quotes and invoices lists
From now on, Streamtime will track how much of a quote has been invoiced. You'll see this in your quotes list. Bear in mind that this is not backwards-compatible so any invoices created before today from a quote won't display as connected.

On your invoices list, you'll see much more information about each invoice including the name, creation and issue date, and amount paid.

On both lists, the total amount quoted, invoiced or paid is now visible.

20th of next month
We've added this payment term to the list available for invoices due to hot demand.

PS. We've also got a completely new way of invoicing available for a small group. You're able to create part invoices, select what you'd like invoiced from a job plan, and create multiple invoices at once. Get in touch via the help icon if you're interested in early access.

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • Sub items will now display in the ToDo edit popup

  • Quotes can now be resent without modifying

  • Can download quote pdf after manually marking it as sent

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