Major 🏆🏆

  • To Do Schedule Performance - Loading, scrolling, resizing, editing, creating are all FAST, and seamless with this new To Do Schedule.

  • Schedule ToDo - Also provides a much nicer way to filter the information on the page using a 'pill' design.

Slightly Less Major 🏆

  • Invoices Status Updates - Previously, Streamtime would display 'Sent to Xero'. With this update, Streamtime will reflect your accounting software status.

  • A new level of permission now lets you assign 'view only' permission to the To Do schedule.

  • Quote list now includes ‘Date of quote approval’ column.

  • It's now possible to hide line item totals on an invoice using the check box in the invoice sidebar.

  • Client hasn't paid an invoice and needs you to resend it? Easy - send an invoice a second time with a different message. The audit trail also helps you see who and when it has already been sent.

  • Tax settings now allow for 3 decimal places - this one is for some USA clients who need to record specific tax rates (4.166%) on invoices.

  • We now surface the Scheduler name on Schedule To Do’s and To Do’s to make it clear who has assigned that To Do to your.

  • To Do's now show creation date and name as well as last edited date and name.

  • Some great time-savers on your To Do page - multi select  (command + click), right click allow you to make changes to multiple To Do's at once. You can also customise what information you see on your To Do's.

  • External accounts package icon now displays in the invoice list ‘Invoice Status’ column to differentiate ‘external’ invoices.

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • Link to support article in the JCR now working.

  • JCR with no invoice will still display correctly.

  • JCR displays all items regardless of whether time has been added to them.

  • Can now download a quote linked to an archived job (consistent with invoices).

  • Editing a time entry from list view no longer switches it to a personal task.

  • Downloading an invoice while in edit mode now forces unsaved edits to save (avoids blank pdf fields)

  • Schedule Jobs rows alignment issues corrected.

  • Ability to switch to another user via the create/edit ToDo modal now removed for users without schedule edit permission.

  • Access privileges padlock on To Do Schedule working again.

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