Update 64

What's new?

  • JCR now available from the create menu on a job and the '3 dots' menu in job list

  • PHP upgrade from v5 > v7

  • Invoices being sent without GST on line itemsInvoice line item with no tax sent to clientInvoice then copied to Xero - ST prompts user to choose a tax rate for that line itemInvoice in ST and in Xero then has a tax, but the invoice the client see's has no tax.Solution - ST now prompts the user to choose a tax when sending to client.

Some extras to love

  • Refreshing an invoice in ST that has been paid in an accounts package will now populate the 'paid amount' field in Streamtime.

Update 63

What's new?

Referral Program

  • 3 people get rewarded for a referral:

  • Referrer: The person who sent the referral gets 100 points per license the referee subscribes for. They can then spend these points in our 'shop'. This includes licenses they add at any point in their lifetime

  • Referee's Company: If they subscribe within 30 days of signing up, they get 10% off their subscription fees for 12 months

  • Referee: As a reward for the person pushing the program through their company, the referee gets to choose one of 3 rewards Still in final stages of testing, more to come on final processes etc

  • Campaign Referral Codes

Update 62

What's new?

  • Schedule Performance

  • Moving/resizing a block on the schedule used to stop you from moving not only that block but every other block on the schedule until the save finished with no feedback as to when it finished. Now, only the block you moved will be locked until the save finishes, as well as showing pulsing dots inside the block to let you see when it finishes saving

  • We also now only trigger a save if you have actually made a change to the block, previously picking it up and dropping it on the same day would cause a save and everything gets blocked

  • Improved the order that things load so the most important things are loaded first, while leaving the least important (eg Team Availability) until last

  • When loading in a new week in the schedule, the pulsing 'ghosted' ToDos will now only appear in the new area being loaded rather than across the entire user row

  • Fixed an issue where using a magic mouse to scroll sideways would sometimes jump you 2/3/4 weeks into the future/past

  • ToDo Performance

  • Made the page load in a single request instead of 4 which should provide a boost to each visit to the pageWe got rid of the black ST loading spinner and replaced it with a softer pulsing dots loading state to make it smoother

  • Priorities Performance

  • Better loading states on the page as well as the Add Card modal. Also fixed a bug where the modal would go blank after picking a job for a second or so.

  • General Performance

  • Each time you navigate to a new page, we are now 'purging' old data from your browser. This should help with performance slowly degrading over the period of a day as you view more and more Jobs/ToDos/Schedules

Update 59

What's new?

  • Mobile Improvements!

  • The Streamtime app is now back to being responsive. Previously if viewed on a mobile, it would be the desktop app just zoomed out super small. What we do now is hide the areas of the app that aren't mobile optimised (job, schedule, priorities) and still let you use the rest in a completely responsive way. Anyone who now asks for an Android app, we can simply tell them that the website does everything the app does and more (eg you can view contacts and companies, invite users, etc)New responsive emails for when someone signs up from streamtime.net or invites a new user. These emails fit much better on the current flagship mobile phone screen sizes

  • ToDo screen improvements

  • Summary of hours spent - Just hover over the ToDo/Done in the bottom right of the ToDo screen for a day by day breakdown of the hours on that day

  • 'Create & Log' button when creating/editing a ToDo so you don't have to save it THEN drag it to done, you can just hit create & log to do it in one go

  • When creating a ToDo and switching to personal, instantly focuses the description field so you can start typing without clicking into the field

Update 58

Whats new?

  • Job Page Redesign with the goal to make the job page work harder for our users.¬†

  • Move job summary information to top of page allowing more real estate for the job items

  • Job burnup Chart - see how the job is progressing at a glance (Used) and where it is heading (Ideal/future Todos)

  • New 'Create' shortcut button. This is where you can action everything on the job page like invoicing, expenses, duplicating, etc.

  • New actions from the job page like creating a new job (ie not duplicate) and also plan a ToDo directly from the job page for yourself New job profit margin % figure displayed for each job

  • Holding 'alt' and clicking on the job item V will expand all job items on the job

  • Performance improvements - Significant improvements to the job page, but these also extend to all areas of the app, particularly those with drag and drop interactions (which is almost everywhere).

  • Added an integrations page which clearly calls out all of our integrations and links to documentation, etc. You can now see these even if you don't have privileges (but can't action them)

  • Dashboard now updates every minute to keep you up to date with changes made across the system

Some extras to love

  • On creation of a job, we scroll you down to the item to focus you on what is needed. All subsequent adds/edits to an item will keep re-scrolling the screen to make sure what you are working on is always in focus

  • You can now copy and paste from the job number suggestions when editing the job number (eg copy the last number, paste in the number field and change the last digit)

  • Editing the job name/number is now separate to editing the budget for aesthetics

  • The job page won't show the currency symbol if it's more than 1 character long (eg $ will show, but CHF won't)

Update 55

Whats new?

  • Lazy loading of the Time & Expenses list from within a jobWe now lazy load this screen similar to the report screen in Jobs. The modal can now better handle internal jobs without crashing the browser

  • "Credit Notes" now allowed in Streamtime. Not a complete credit note system, but at least you can record an invoice with a negative total, update the naming convention that it uses and the status will be reflected as such

Some extras to love

  • Display when a sub item was completed and who it was completed by on a job item

  • Item card now has tooltips on the icons to give a bit of heads up as to what they do

Update 54

Whats new?


  • Priorities released to all Streamtime plans. Anyone with access to jobs will have a new option in their Streamtime sidebar. Checkbox removed from BEN

  • I want to switch to other team members Priorities boards to see what they are working on and so we can choose to all work off the same board as a team

  • Old "Job Card" view from "Jobs" section has been removed

Update 53

Whats new?

  • New item card re-design. Allow control to open/close individual areas so that you only need to see what is important. For instance, hide extremely long notes but show me all the users and sub items (currently not saving after a browser refresh, but this could come in the future depending on user testing). Better transitions when opening/closing areas, deleting/creating items, etc so that there is no more jumping and everything should feel 'smoother'

  • Showing unplanned time on the job

  • Adding sub-items to a job item

  • Also show the progress of a sub item when hovering over a ToDo

  • When creating a quote/invoice from the job plan, sub items will be brought through as well as the notes

  • Editing a ToDo will list all the sub items and allow you to complete/un-complete them

Some extras to love

  • Added a back button to the schedule so that if you jump from a job -> schedule, you can easily get back to the job

  • Added intercom events for when creating an invoice from a quote and creating a quote from the job plan

  • "Unplanned time" is now called "Extra hours tracked" in all reports and list screens

Update 51

Whats new?

  • Supporting a complete oboarding flow directly from the schedule including:Creating new team members

  • Creating new jobs

  • Creating new items

  • Improved UX for adding users onto items

  • The ToDo sidebar now updates with new changes without needing to refresh/navigate away

  • Added tooltips to the jobs list filters and columns to give the users some insight into what the columns mean

Some extras to love

  • You can now duplicate quotes, purchase orders and Invoices¬†

  • Priorities now has an option to choose what you see on the face of the cards, as well as some design updates to make them more visually appealing

  • Efficiency improvements when adding users to a job item to make it faster to use just the keyboard to add people

  • Job Labels are now exported when you export logged time entries for easier reporting

  • Added an 'undo' option when merging line items on an invoice/quote/po

  • We paginate invoices in the account settings area now so that long time subscribers don't get an unmanageable list of old invoices

Update 49

Whats new?

  • Adding language options to Quote/PO/Invoice Fixes the whole Invoice vs Tax Invoice naming debate and Can now have multi languages, update terminology, preview and update the email the customer receives, etc

  • Merge rows on Quote/Invoice

  • Better integration with XeroWe now pull tax rates from Xero to let the user choose from, and then push this into Xero with the invoice when you copy it acrossSee and edit the account code that each line item on the invoice will use when sending to Xero

  • Improvements to our email sending service to hopefully avoid spam more consistently (feedback on this is much appreciated)

  • Navigation improvements - ability to jump from time list to Jobs by clicking on Job name/number

Some extras to love

  • Able to now edit the client's address directly from a Quote/PO/Invoice by clicking on the client detailsWhen a single user organisation creates a job item, we automatically Can now search Labels in the quick search'ed fields and highlight the matches

  • More columns will go red when they are in a 'bad' state

  • ToDo's now handle pasting web URL's

  • Hovering on ToDo's now display deadline information if it exists

  • Consistency sweep of all modals that appear in app - 'Save', 'Cancel' & X

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