You can now create a Purchase Order and send it over to your supplier from within Streamtime via our Premium Plan.

A much requested function, many suppliers demand a PO before they can start work. Streamtime allows you to create a PO directly from a job, in the same way you can create a Quote and Invoice. You can also convert an existing expense into a PO.

Create & Send

  • From within a job in Streamtime, select the 'PO' option in the sidepanel to create a PO template.

  • Select a supplier directly on the template.

  • Add line item detail, qty and cost agreed with your supplier and send.

  • Markups can be added in the sidepanel of the PO also - of course these won't be visible to your supplier.

  • You also have the ability to convert an existing Expense on a job into a PO. This is done via the expense window on a job:

From the PO template itself, select 'Send to Xero' button in the upper right corner to export the PO over to Xero (as a Purchase Order).
You are also able to export an expense from Streamtime to Xero. Expenses will appear in your Xero accounts package as a 'Bill'. 

Multi Currencies
Have suppliers in different countries? No problems - we now support multi currencies for PO's as well as Quotes and Invoices. Check out our dedicated article.

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