When getting started in Streamtime, doing a little bit of setting up will save you a lot of time in the future. 

  • Set up your products and services list. We call them Items & Expenses. They live under Profile & Settings in your menu. Items are what you use to plan your Jobs, they are linked to what populates your To Do list, form the basis of your Quotes and Invoices and can be linked with a Xero Revenue Code. 

  • Import your Contacts via CSV.

  • Invite your Team (if you're keen on sharing a more organised, easy way of working).

  • Head into Your Profile and add a pic of yourself, change your billable hourly rate and the hours you can work each day

  • Finally, create a few jobs and schedule some items to yourself. This way you will see them in your To Do screen and you can begin your new, sophistically organised way of working - without the pain of traditional timesheets.

Streamtime Expert Tip

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