All of our updates over 2017 are listed below. If want to know anything further just shoot us a message. 


Release 0.40



  • CC people on invoices/quotes without saving them as contacts for the company- This task also included significant updates to the 'flow' of the modal to make it quicker for people to enter a list of new/existing contacts without having to click around through all the fields

  • Labels on Quotes, Expenses and Companies

  • Alt drag blocks from the ToDo schedule


  • Improved onboarding for the Schedule - persistent image appears when you have only 1 user in your organisation

  • Completed ToDos now take away from availability (eg at the end of a day, you don't have 8hrs available again)

  • 'Save And Plan' now the primary action when creating a job

  • Painted vs Estimated hours in schedule now updated in real time as you paint/edit a block

  • Better notices for when actions will charge users (create user modal + creating/waking up user from job item)

  • Users are no longer 'awakened' if they are hibernated and you put their job item into play


  • Hide billable rate from users who don't have access to any financials (ie cost rates, jobs and dashboard)

  • When changing tabs/navigating to the jobs lists, doesn't show old data before triggering search

  • Fixed bug where cost rate wasn't getting populated on an expense for a master item

  • Fixed being able to search for quotes, expenses and invoices via the job's label

  • Profit columns now go red when they are in negative

  • 'Invoice This Month' default segment updated to have correct filters applied

Release 0.37

29th October, 2017


  • Huge schedule release including ToDo schedule - see Video

  • Removed the separation of schedule from ToDos that people create - anything that is on someone's ToDo page will appear on the schedule and vice-versaHibernating users - We are now able to hibernate users which will stop charging for them, then bring them back to active at any time and resume charging. Gives more flexibility for temporary users/freelancers etc

  • Improved company/contact import process. Better feedback to users as to what issues are occurring and better visibility of template file

  • Moved the 'Team Schedule' out of its own tab and into the 'group by' list of the 'Jobs Schedule'


  • The "Quick Search" on the jobs list now removes whatever segment/filters you have active to search all records rather than filtering what you have visible

  • We now allow blank line items on invoices and quotes rather than forcing $0Cleanup of the user management page to add 'Hibernated Users' and make it clear what is free, what is paid for, etc

  • We can now grant access to the 'ToDo User Toggle' for standard customers. This might be a selling point to charge a standard customer $<x> extra per user for switching ToDos without paying the full premium price.

  • Cleanup of master item list to fix terminology around 'cost' and 'sell' rates


  • Now support apostrophes in email addresses

  • Fixed an issue deleting a job with large amount of items, time, etc logged on it

  • Fixed an issue with the job side menu not calculating correctly when deleting users from an item

  • Creating an invoice from a quote will now copy over the tax applied

  • Disabled the send button when sending a quote/invoice if you are in the process of adding a new recipient

  • Fixed up onboarding to remove references to features we no longer support + add in QuickBooks integration

  • Export format for company/contact now matches the import format

Release 0.36

21st September, 2017


  • 3 dots always visible in margin down right side of list views allowing user to archive & delete

  • Job / Item selector drop down in ToDo screen is now larger, allowing more jobs to be visible when clicking 'add new' and 'Find a job' in ToDo screen.

  • Subscriber now has the ability to change URL of their Streamtime app'Team Member' filter in list views now shows deleted users to find jobs/time entered by old staff.

  • ToDo card now supports same time entry as job items (1h 30m, 1:15, 0.5 etc)Quote/invoice can now be marked as sent without having to email them from Streamtime. 'Mark as sent' in 3 dot menu

  • Invoicing unbilled time workflow (Create Invoice > select 'use time & expenses') which will take the user to the used/planned section of the job where they can filter and invoice. Allows 'unbilled time' to be invoiced.

  • Now possible to edit time in time list and used/planned modal

  • The new columns in the list views (profit etc) are now present in the export

  • Favourites menu - the selected favourite will now be displayed in blue textIn list views, the text highlighting the segment being viewed no longer cropped. Export buttons in list views have been moved to the footer

  • Character limit of quote description has been increased to match what Xero accepts (3000 characters)

  • Quotes/invoices linked to archived jobs will now display the 'restore' message in header to make it clearer the related job is archived

  • Changing password now requires current password to entered first

  • Searching quote and invoice list views now includes searching job numberPlaceholders have been added to the job item view to show the item rate if it's blank (add rate) and the description (add description) to make it clearer when the job item is using the item rate but it is blank.

  • If a Pro Rata invoice is less than the Buyline minimum transaction amount then auto VOID the invoice instantly.


  • Re-ordering and saving of column in saved segment

  • Ability to export companies and people to make it clearerBug

  • iPad scrolling issue resolved (todo sidepanel)

  • Date click in schedule jumps to team view

  • Adding expense line items directly to a quote is not pulling through the description or sell $$

  • Navigating from Quote to Job and click Job took you to Quote with Job Id error

  • Used totals on jobs were incorrect in some cases - weren't including job items using item rate (when the rate field was blank)

  • Total Profit summary at bottom of column was incorrect

  • Quote introduction formatting issues

Release 0.35

6th September, 2017


  • Major updates to the list screens:

  • New side bar design with "Favourites" instead of segments

  • Ability to order favourites so you can put most important at the top

  • New columns available (including profit) for all tabs

  • New design for adding filters

  • Added refresh button for QuickBooks/Xero to update payment details

  • Setting and Moving start/end dates for a job as well as a specific job item

  • Lazy Loading the ToDo sidebar to give major performance improvements


  • Schedule no longer 'blocks' user from painting/modifying while the previous modification is saving

  • Schedule will now show start/due dates for an item that are off the edge of the screen

  • Can now "Jump to Job" from the invoices and quotes lists

  • Speed improvements to Schedule

  • If you don't enter a 'Cost Rate' for an expense, it will default to the 'Sell Rate' so that there is $0 profit for the expense

  • Moved the Company, Contact and 'team on job' into the overview on the right

  • By default, the ToDo screen will HIDE the side panel


  • Can no longer turn off all columns in the jobs list screens

  • Fixed issue with moving time between items from a job

  • Fixed issue with multiple ToDos getting created if you create and modify a ToDo very quickly

  • Fixed issue with sorting jobs by their creation date

  • User without permissions to schedule screen no longer sees the 'upsell' screen

  • Removed all "notification" code to speed up certain areas of the app

Release 0.34

18th August , 2017


  • "Styles" on Quotes and Invoices - added a "To the point" style for ants

  • Ability to set terms & conditions, tax codes and payment terms (invoice only) for all quotes/invoices.

  • Cost by Value - you can now set the total price for an item without setting hours and rate. Once you have set the hours and the total price, the rate will be calculated automatically.

  • Job Labels - quickly add a label to a job from either the job's right hand bar or directly from the jobs list

  • Export from all job lists (jobs, quotes, invoices, time & expenses)

  • We now track the payments and paid status for external invoices. Any time we fetch the details from xero/QuickBooks (either via the black '?' or the new refresh button, we will store the payment details.

  • Overall discount on quotes & invoices


  • New columns in the job list - see the team on the job as well as the labels

  • New permissions are in the profile page with descriptions of what they will doWe now remember whether you prefer the card/list view in the job page when navigating there

  • Updated position of columns in jobs/quotes/invoices list to make job name more prevalent

  • When editing an expense, if you have filled in some of the "more options" information we will open it by default when you open the expense


  • Issue resolved where active job items existed on job with a 'complete' status

  • Fixed issue in safari for not being able to download the quote until it has been sent

  • Filtering for budget in jobs list now takes into account approved quotesModals not appearing for copy to/connect to QuickBooks/Xero on invoice pageInvoices are now read only once the job has been archived

  • Fixed issue with customers receiving invoices/quotes with line items still in edit mode

  • Fixed an issue with currency/country dropdown not displaying the actual saved value (looks like it reverts every time you re-login)

  • Editing an expense from the expense list under a job now updates the list once you have saved changes

  • Deleting a user temporarily breaks the job page when they are assigned to an item (frontend bug only)

  • Hide error message about payment exceeding balance before we have fetched the outstanding balance from Xero/QuickBooks

  • ToDos are now limited to 24 hours maximum (8 hours for Zapier)

  • Fixed bug with time view where you couldnt expand/collapse rows properlyStreamtime (Ben) invoices wording change

Release 0.33

29th June, 2017


  •  Massive speed boost to jobs/quotes/invoices/expenses lists by introducing lazy loading (we load 30 rows at a time)

  • Massive speed boost to the schedule for people with lots of jobs

  • Responsive sweep for ipad and mobile devices (Our app is now limited to 1024px on mobile and will let you pinch to zoom)


  • Can now turn off the line item totals on/off for a quote and only show the full total

  • Schedule loads data when moving dates more user friendly

  • Action menu on quotes and invoices from the list screen (can delete)

  • Deleting a job now deletes/voids related quotes and invoices

  • Expenses list is now the same style as the Jobs/Quotes/Invoices list

  • Job cards view (recent, due soon, etc) is now its own tab rather than being hidden in the jobs list

  • Optimised loading of app on first load, should make every entry to the app faster

  • Better loading state for schedule instead of just spinner


  • Adding character limits to fields in invoice to stop people typing more than what is stored

  • Modals that are bigger than the screen will allow you to scroll to see the bottom  

Release 0.31

16th June, 2017


  • QuickBooks Integration


  • Visible paused items are now included in availability calculations in the schedule


  • Fixed issue with team member dropdown not showing correct users

  • Fixed issue with company filter in jobs list

  • Editing item on a Job Item clears the description

  • Adding a logo to a quote has been fixed

  • Fixed issue with expense calculator (markup%)

  • Fixed issue with quote terms formatting when pasting

  • User can't change the job/item of a ToDo if it has come from the schedule

  • Fixing rounding on schedule for <1hour blocks snapping back to 1 hour 

Release 0.30

31st May, 2017


  • Purchase Orders! Track references, supplier details and markup % on expenses

  • Schedule is now synchronised with ToDo screen

  • Any scheduled block will create ToDos across the days that the block spans

  • Blocks spanning non working days will create ToDos on those days

  • Availability  is now based on ToDos rather than blocks.

  • If the user has unscheduled items or moves the scheduler's items around, this will be reflected in the Availability

  • If the scheduler modifies the block in any way, the ToDo will be reverted back to what the scheduler has said

  • Scheduler can now add notes to blocks for the user in their ToDo screen that is separate to the user's notes.

  • If the user doesn't add notes to the ToDo, we will use the scheduler's notes for invoicing/reporting

  • Filter down for jobs, users, items and companies on the schedule


  • More performance improvements to the schedule

  • Hide and re-order team members on the schedule

  • Blocks can no longer be dragged outside the visible schedule

  • Availability and Availability only include scheduled items (not paused items)

  • Availability no longer shows in the past

  • Schedule now displays hours/day for the blocks, as well as the availability showing hours/day available.

  • We also display a new colour (light grey) for when the user has nothing scheduled for the day

  • ToDo sidebar no longer shows schedule information (as the ToDo's are already created)


  • Minor issue where availability would show multiple separate "Full" blocks adjacent to each other instead of joining them

  • Fixed issue with availability intermittently not appearing

  • Improved flow of adding users to an item to show all paused users

  • Improved speed of job lists when lost of 'summable' columns are visible

  • Fixed issue in safari where jumping from the Jobs List had a small clickable area (thanks safari...)

Release 0.29

12th May, 2017

List Views

  • created to make it easier for users to find/see quotes & invoices. Each list has it’s own filters available and default segments

  • User Stories it solves:- As an Account Manager I want to see all my quotes so nothing falls through the cracks
    - As a Studio Manager I need to see the pipeline of work coming so we can brace for impact- As an Account Manager I want to see how much I have billed my clients to know my value to the company.
    - As an Accountant or Business Owner I want to know which jobs need billing to stay on top of cash flow. (most likely hot fixed after release)
    - analytics was moved into this area as time and materials so we weren’t left with two area’s performing very similar functions

Major Performance Upgrades

  • technical change to how we handle the lists - so they are faster

  • hid notifications in todos - not being used and they are slow. if nobody notices, they may not return.

  • stop loading completed tab in ToDos (maybe after release)

  • new toggle in schedule to hide jobs in planning

  • List views will NOT load every time you navigate to them. New message ‘Last updated’ and allows refreshed.

  • When will page refresh

  • clicking on the last updated message

  • refreshing the browser

  • creating a new job

  • logging out and back in

  • adding or modifying filters


  • Quote text formatting when sending to client online (bullet points etc)

  • Job segment filters were changing from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’ when navigating away

  • Navigate away message much clearer - defaults to ‘stay on page'

Release 0.28

19th April, 2017


  • Premium plan out

  • New design for ToDo sidebar to be more consistent between scheduled job items and job items that aren't using the schedule


  • Fixed issues with Xero connection constantly getting dropped 

  • Performance improvements to schedule page

  • New flow for signing up when choosing plan + credit cards

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed job list "sort by number"

  • Fixed invoice "show recipients" link

Release 0.27

28th March, 2017


  • Team view on Schedule

  • ToDo sidebar/Magic Button - These now take into account the work the scheduler has done in prioritising and assigning tasks


  • Full day personal To Dos affect availability and show up in schedule

  • Disable painting blocks on the schedule in the past

  • Display extra information when creating an invoice from a quote

  • Improved notification for why a complete job item is 'locked' and you can't change the status

  • When adding line items to quotes/invoices we will now show the list of items to choose from

  • If you try to navigate away from the job page while in edit mode, we will show an 'Are you sure?' error

  • Display job numbers in analytics


  • Performance improvement for ToDo page when organisation has lots of active jobs

  • Performance improvement for Jobs page for when job has loads of time assigned to it

  • Fixed overlapping text issue with terms and conditions on quote/invoice

Release 0.26

9th March, 2017


  • Scheduling BETA

  • Play/Pause individual users on a job item

  • Create an invoice from a quote

  • Adding new line items to quotes/invoices


  • Quote/Invoice terms are now saved per invoice. Updating the terms no longer affects old invoices

  • Performance Improvements

  • 'Financial Structure' of a job removed. It is now done on a per item basis

  • 'Team Schedule' is now called 'Team To Do'


  • Sorting fixes on job list

  • Fixing billing date issue when customer is charged in last few days of the month

Release 0.25

16th February, 2017


  • Scheduling BETA

  • Play/Pause individual users on a job item

  • Create an invoice from a quote

  • Adding new line items to quotes/invoices


  • Quote/Invoice terms are now saved per invoice. Updating the terms no longer affects old invoices

  • Performance Improvements

  • 'Financial Structure' of a job removed. It is now done on a per item basis

  • 'Team Schedule' is now called 'Team To Do'


  • Sorting fixes on job list

  • Fixing billing date issue when customer is charged in last few days of the month

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