Tracking your every move isn't human, so we've ditched the idea of a timer for time-tracking. Here's how Danielle tracks time sporadically throughout the day in Streamtime.

In a hybrid ~account manager style~ role, I spend my day chatting with customers using Streamtime, providing training, giving demonstrations to prospects, creating help articles, working on marketing activities and more. 

I use Streamtime throughout the week to plan what I need to work on, and throughout the day to track the time spent across these different jobs. 

To start, I plan my day using the items I have been scheduled (I also have my calendar appointments pushed directly into my To Do screen 📅 📊  more on that here)

I adjust my To Dos as I spend more time on different tasks. I glance up at the clock on my screen as soon as I start doing something new and then glance back up at it when I'm finished it, or about to begin something new.

Working this way keeps me mindful of what I am doing and actually helps me focus as I'm not flicking between tasks. 

The tasks I continue to work on throughout the day don't get pushed to Done until the end of the day instead the time used continues to get adjusted each time I spend my time on that job. 

Still desire a timer?
If you still desire a timer, why not use your phone's stopwatch each time you want to time yourself?

Streamtime Expert Tip
If you'd like to know more about why we ditched the timer and traditional timesheets for a To Do screen check out the following blog series:

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