In Streamtime, Jobs are comprised of Items. We use a few different symbols to indicate different Item stages, based on the Item's current status. 

When Paused, the item is in planning and will appear yellow

Generally, Items stay Paused until you have full approval from your client. 

Once work has been approved by your client, you will probably want to put an Item In Play, at which point it will turn green

Once In Play, an Item is ready to be worked on. It will become visible on the Team Schedule, and it will also appear in the Scheduled sidebar in any assigned team member's To Do screen.

Once you've finished work for a particular Item, it's time to mark it as Completed, turning the Item blue.

When all Items on a job are Completed, the Job Status will also show as Completed.

Here's a quick guide on how Item stages relate to the Job Status:

  • Paused Items = Paused
  • Paused + In Play Items = In Play
  • Paused + In Play + Completed Items = In Play
  • Paused + Completed Items = Paused
  • In Play Items = In Play
  • In Play + Completed Items = In Play
  • Completed Items = Completed
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