In Streamtime, invoices are created directly from a job. You'll notice the Create invoice button that sits in the information panel on the right-hand side.

Once clicked, you will then elect how you would like to create this invoice. 

You can choose to invoice from your Job Plan, Time and Expenses recorded on the job, or any linked Quote.

Preparing an invoice is similar to preparing a quote - all fields on the draft invoice that you've created can be edited and amended to show exactly what you wish to present to your client.

Once your invoice is ready to go, you can send it directly to your client by clicking Send Invoice. Update contact details, or add another recipient if necessary, and Send away when ready.

Your client will receive a link to view the invoice online, and has the option to download it as a PDF.

Streamtime Pro Tip: To send invoices in instalments, just edit the values to suit the amount you're planning on billing per invoice. You have complete flexibility in this area. 

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