The Streamtime Premium plan comes with advanced resource planning and scheduling. 

The Schedule presents your team's planned work in a Gantt chart, and is a great place to allocate resources simply by dragging and dropping your team directly onto a job.  

Your team's availability is displayed in a bar along the bottom of the screen where their capacity is presented clearly in a progress column. Here, you'll be able to select a date range and see either how much time each team member has available, or if they're currently over capacity .

The video below will provide you with a full overview of how Scheduling and Team Capacity works. It covers:

  • setting up a job without a team then picking a team from available team members.
  • setting up a job with a team then adding in hours and dates based on their availability and ability to do the work.
  • how individuals see work that's scheduled to them on their TO DO screen. 
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